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Five people forced to consume human waste in bizarre attack

One person is recuperating at Laare Nursing Home in Meru, while four others were discharged after they were beaten and forced to eat feces and drink urine on Thursday night.

The five are said to have been picked by armed men from their houses in Kilaene village, Igembe Central at around 8pm before being taken to a bushy area near the Meru National Park.

The assailants, armed with machetes and arrows, are said to have been on a revenge mission over a land dispute in the area.


The bizarre incident is said to have been stirred by a dispute over land owned by a local businessman, and the victims were punished for being informants of the tycoon.

Laare Nursing Home medical officer, James Mithika, told Nation that the admitted patient had suffered injuries on the chest and private parts.

“The patients were brought to my facility in the morning after an all-night ordeal in the hands of the criminals. They were abducted at 8pm on Thursday and rescued at 6am on Friday. Four had minor injuries and were treated and discharged. The admitted patient is in stable condition,” Mr Mithika said.

One of the victims of the ordeal said the assailants picked him from his house in the evening before moving to pick his colleagues.


“They accused us of being the informants of the local businessman, who they claim he has been taking their land. They made us eat our feces and drink urine as an oath that we would not speak out,” Mr Gerald Kimathi said.

Igembe North Administration Police commander Isaac Kiragu said the area was undergoing demarcation and some squatters were not willing to vacate land for genuine owners.

Igembe Central Njuri Ncheke chairman Salesio M’Ngecho condemned the incident and said elders from the area would help the police in pursuing the suspects.

“Forcing a person to eat human waste is an inhuman act that has never been witnessed in this area. We urge the police to move with speed and apprehend the criminals,” Mr M’Ngecho said.