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Festive bread manufacturers deny claims of harmful preservatives on products

DPL Festive, one of the leading bakeries in Kenya, has issued a statement refuting claims that they use impermissible preservatives in its flagship product Festive Bread.

The company’s response following a tweet alleging that the bakery is using unapproved and harmful preservatives to extend the shelf-life of the product.

In the tweet, a consumer alleged that the bread purchased went beyond the displayed expiry date, without spoilage.

But the bakery says that its products are safe for consumption up to seven days, a fact that is clearly stated in the labels of its products that it sells in the country.

The bakery also said that it is dedicated to quality as a homegrown Kenyan company that has been baking bread for over 20 years.


“We would like to state that first, DPL Festive Ltd source ingredients for baking our bread that are vetted and approved by KEBS (the country’s standards regulator),” the company said in a statement.

“Additionally, all ingredients as required by law, are published on each packaged bread. Our factories are also accessible and have been visited continuously by Kenyan authorities who frequently monitor the quality standards of our bakery,” the statement further read.

The bakery also termed the claims made in the tweet as intended to spread fear.

“We would like to assure members of the public and our customers that DPL Festive LTD will pursue the false and defamatory facts stated by the blogger and his sources as they are intended to cause fear.”