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Female sex predator arrested in Githurai

Police on Friday morning arrested the househelp who infected her employer’s son with an STI. (READ:Househelp infected my son with an STI)

The mother of five, Naomi Bonareri, who had only worked for Njeri Kinyanjui a businesswoman in Juja town for two months, was lured to travel to Nairobi from Kisii by a friend.

Ms Bonareri was then arrested by officers from Juja Police station where she is now assisting police with investigations.

Confirming the arrest, Inspector Kombe from the station said the suspect was in police custody and will assist in investigations for the entire weekend.

The bait, Dr James Mugo, posed as a man who used to sell groceries at a kiosk when she worked in Juja and informed her that he wanted to marry her.

Dr Mugo said he had vowed to have the househelp arrested and brought to justice after Njeri, the seven year old’s mother narrated her ordeal to him.

“I hatched a plot that would make her think I was in love with her and even sent her airtime, lunch and fare for her travel from Kisii to Nairobi to prove my feelings were genuine,” says Dr Mugo who owns a health center in Githurai 44.

Mugo was given the househelp’s number by her former employer on Tuesday and he immediately called her.

“I told her we had previously met when she was working in Juja and that is when she gave me her number. I informed her of my intention to marry her claiming that I had separated with my wife and was very lonely,” said Dr Mugo.

He then convinced Naomi to travel to Nairobi and even offered to cater for her travel expenses.

 Travel to Nairobi

When Dr Mugo sent her cash via Mpesa, the SMS confirmation revealed that her line was registered to a Simion Ohuru, a man she later explained was her father as she has never been issued an ID card.

Naomi then travelled to Nairobi on Wednesday oblivious of what was awaiting her.

Dr Mugo however almost messed the entire plot when he mistakenly sent her a message that was meant for her employer on how she was to be nabbed that night.

“When she arrived on Thursday, she at first sent a friend to meet me in town purporting to be her. It seemed she had suspected something was amiss so I had to be careful and when her friend refused to follow me to my house, I did not hint at any arrests,” said Dr Mugo.

Naomi later agreed to meet Dr Mugo in his ‘home’ in Githurai and he organised for a taxi to drop her at his clinic.

“She had brought bananas and sugarcane for her ‘husband to be’ which we ate as we waited for Njeri and the police to arrive,” said Dr Mugo.

All along, he engaged her in a lively conversation though at one time she pretended that she knew him.

When the police arrived with the mother of the abused boy, Naomi immediately recognised her former employer.

“Njeri called her by name and broke down into tears as police handcuffed her and led her away to their car,” said Dr Mugo.

Njeri said she could not believe that this woman she had trusted with her son had turned out to be a sex predator.

“I felt a lot of pain and started crying when I saw her. She did not even expressing remorse for the pain she had made my son go through,” said the distraught mother.

For now, the suspect is being held at Juja police station before being formally charged.