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Female MCA kicked out of Assembly over revealing outfit – PHOTOS

Nominated MCA Beth Nyawira was on Tuesday kicked out of the Nyeri County Assembly over indecent dressing.

The MCA was found to have broken the rules on mode of dressing, barely a week after Speaker John Kaguchia had warned against indecent dressing.

Ms Nyawira was dressed in a sleeveless dress contrary to the Speaker’s rules that require female MCAs to avoid exposing their arms.

Kirimukuyu MCA Anthony Ndagita took issue with the MCA’s dressing and asked for direction from the Deputy Speaker Samuel Kariuki.

“Mr Speaker kindly guide this house on the mode of dressing of the honourable member. The speaker recently ruled on how MCAs should dress,” he said.



Mr Kariuki ruled that Ms Nyawira had broken the Speaker’s rules and ordered that the Sergeant at Arms escorts her out of the assembly.

Mr Ndagita noted that it was necessary for MCAs to be corrected on their dressing to ensure respect is not compromised in the Assembly.

“We cannot be scared of creating enmity when we are only correcting each. If we take a back seat on some of these issues they may haunt us,” he said.

The female MCA had just walked out of a committee meeting where the nominee for Youth, Sports and Social Services Sheila Githaiga was appearing for vetting.

Mr Nyawira, who is the chair of Youth, Sports and Social Services committee had opposed the nomination of the 65-year-old to the docket.


The two had previously had a bitter exchange on social media that spilled to the nominee’s vetting.

Ms Nyawira was angered by Ms Githaiga’s responses over what transpired and rose to object but was reprimanded by the Speaker.


Speaker Kaguchia had asked MCAs to be decent in their dressing to avoid tarnishing the Assembly’s reputation following concerns by Karatina MCA Watson Mburungo that female MCAs were wearing miniskirts.

“This assembly is a House of honour and therefore all members must carry themselves in an honourable manner. The members’ dressing and mannerism during plenary should not bring the reputation of the assembly into disrepute, ” he said.