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Fear of coronavirus causes near pandemonium at railway station – VIDEO

A scuffle ensued on Tuesday morning between commuters and security guards at the Embakasi railway station as travellers refused to use the designated walkways for fear of the deadly coronavirus.

Usually, when the train arrives at the station, a section of passengers refuse to use the subway –an underground exit– and opt to jump through railway lines.

But it appears the management at the railway station had other things planned as they placed security personnel at the Dandora station to stop passengers from jumping through the lines.

However, Embakasi commuters would have none of it as they became rowdy and forced their way. Most of them complained that in the wake of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, the subway was not a safe place for hundreds of people to use at the same time.

This is due to the enclosed nature of the subway.

The Dandora-Umoja commuter train, which arrives earlier than the Embakasi train, parks on the first line nearer to the exit, forcing the Embakasi train to use the second line.

The first and second lines are separated by the subway.

Inside the train cabins, a security officer attached to the Railways Station management went around offering sanitisers to passengers.