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Fashion watch panelists shut down haters as show takes a break

Citizen TV’s Fashion Watch panelists on Friday went ham on haters of the show as host Lillian Muli announced that it would take a break till next year.

The panelists have endured quite a bashing online for their recent outfits, with fashion writer Carol Odero getting into trouble for spotting a hairstyle that users on Twitter termed as ‘vitunguu‘.

They have taken it all in their stride and urged Kenyans to embrace style.

Ms Odero said she takes bold fashion decisions so as to read the minds of Kenyans.

“I do pay attention to what you tell me, not because I want to change the way I look, but because I am interested in seeing the way your mind works, because I am always a champion for individuality and self-expression and creativity,” she added.

A visibly irritated Ian Mbugua, famed for his no nonsense judgments as a music competition judge, said bad publicity was better than no publicity.

“If you are learning something fine, if not learning anything, why are you watching? Simple as that,” he concluded.

The panelists have in the past sparked outrage online, with users claiming their fashion trends disqualified them from discussing other people’s outfits.