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Fashion icon Letoya in discrimination claim

Fashion Icon Letoya Johnstone has accused an entertainment club in Westlands of discrimination while insisting she was forced to leave its premises for being transgender.

Speaking to Nairobi News on phone Letoya said she’d gone to the club to catch up with a friend over lunch when the incident happened.

“At the entrance, I greeted the security guys and was allowed to get in without any problem. My friend and I sat down. We had ordered our drinks and food and as we were waiting for the food to come one of the security personnel came where we were seated and requested to speak to me. Being a public figure I thought maybe she was just one of the many fans I had already encountered at the club,” said Letoya.

The security personnel took her all the way back to the entrance and asked her to produce her identification card.

“I did not have my hard copy with me at the moment but I remembered I usually keep a soft copy. I showed them my ID and immediately they started asking if the person on the ID was me. I confirmed that it was me. The next thing they told me is to wait at the lobby outside,” said Letoya.

“At this time no one was speaking to me, my friends came out to inquire what was going on and they were told that they have to wait for the manager who was not around at the moment. Apparently, the manager asked for me to be removed from the club.”

After one and a half hours of back and forth between them and the security guys, Letoya says she decided to leave.

“Before I left I heard the security as they were talking to each other I heard one of them asking the other why they were asked to remove the “popular transgender fashionista” from the club,” explained Letoya.

Nairobi News reached out to Milan restaurant for a comment, the phone was answered by a woman who identified herself as Maureen and the manager of the place. She claimed that she was currently at a meeting and would call back as soon as possible, however, she’d not done so by the time the story was published.