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Family hires private pathologist to unravel police officer’s mystery death

The family of Sergeant Kiyegon Kenei who was attached to Deputy President William Ruto’s office has hired a private pathologist and a lawyer to represent the family.

Since the death of their kin, the family of Kenei has been denied access to view his body which is at Chiromo Mortuary.


A postmortem on the body has been scheduled for February 24 (today).

The family has maintained that their son, whose body was found lying in his house on Thursday, did not commit suicide but was murdered.

A source close to the family told Nairobi News the family is considering to hire a private detective to investigate the murder of their son.

The other puzzle the detectives investigating the murder are trying to figure out is whether the error on the OB number was intentional.

Detectives say there was an issue with how the OB number was written when the matter was reported to Embakasi Police Station when his body was found.

The matter was reported at the station on OB 31/27/01/2020 even though Kenei’s body was discovered on February 20.


The source also said detectives will have to interrogate Kenei’s cousin who had a phone conversation with the deceased after military equipment scandal made headlines.

Kenei allegedly told his cousin that he was disturbed following the firearms saga.

When Kenai’s body was discovered, a note was also found next to his lifeless body.

“Call my cousin Ben and brother,’ read the note which also gave the named persons’ phone numbers.

But investigators who took the letter to forensic document examiners found out that the note was not written by the deceased.

According to sources close to DP’s office, Kenei was at the Harambee Annex on the day the former Sports Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa and the foreign investors visited the office.

He took them around from the reception and left them in one of the boardrooms.