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Fake police officer shot dead as gun crimes surge in Kayole

Police officers on Wednesday night shot and killed a fake police officer in Kayole.

Police officers from Kayole police station were on patrol when they noticed a suspicious car which had one occupant on board.

The officers stopped the vehicle, but the occupant disembarked and started firing at the police as he escaped on foot.

The officers from Kayole were later joined by their colleagues from Buruburu police station and mounted a joint search mission that resulted in the suspect being shot and killed.

Police recovered a browning pistol with no serial number. It was loaded with five rounds of ammunitions.


They also recovered a fake police certificate, a pair of handcuffs, keys, a pocket phone and two mobile phones from the slain suspect.

The body was taken to city mortuary for identification and autopsy.

In a separate incident in Kayole, Soweto area, three suspected gangsters were shot by police after they had broken into a bar.

The three, who were in the company of six of their colleagues, broke into African Brothers pub when the owner raised alarm.

Police who were in the vicinity rushed to the scene. When the suspects were ordered to surrender they instead fired at the officers.

According to the police, the suspects had stolen a television set and different brands of alcohol.

A homemade gun was recovered at the scene with two rounds of ammunition.