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Fake county worker jumps from building to evade arrest

The proverbial 40 days of a thief literally ran out when a fake Mombasa county government employee jumped from a building to evade arrest.

The incident near Gapco Petrol Station along Moi Avenue attracted hundreds of onlookers who were surprised to see a man jumping from a building while fleeing from county officials.

The man in company of his colleague was going to an office to extort money from those who did not have license.

However, they were cornered by county officials forcing him flee and jump from a building.

He fell down and broke his legs.

Mombasa County deputy director in charge of inspectorate Charles Changawa said they arrested his two accomplices who will be arraigned in the county court on Thursday.

“He did not die after falling from the building. We rushed him to the hospital using our ambulance. He broke his legs,” said Mr Changawa.

The county has launched a massive manhunt of bogus workers who are operating and making it incur losses in revenue collection.