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Facebook users reveal weird habits they can’t ditch despite many attempts

Members of a popular closed group on Facebook have had a banter listing weird but addictive habits they have unsuccessfully tried to stop.

A man on Kilimani Mums and Dads Uncensored (Original) asked the members to reveal their habits. “Be honest,” he said.

Curiously, peeing in the bathroom during shower time appeared to be top one of the commonest but most detested habits among the members.

The post has dozens of “kususu kwa bafu nikishower (peeing in the shower)”.

The rest were:

1. Kumumunya tropical na karatasi yake.

2. Kuweka mkate kwa chai.

3. Kula kwa sufuria.

4. Farting while asleep.

5. Kukula karatasi ya cup cake.

6. Kutoa lock.

7. Kujikuna maskio alafu nanusa.

8. Snooping on bae’s phone while he’s asleep.

 Have a weird habit you’ve tried to ditch but can’t? Drop it below in the comments section.