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Facebook rallies behind Sabina Chege after vixen video is published

Social media users have rallied behind Murang’a Woman Representative Sabina Chege after a post appeared to shame her.

The post on News Today Facebook page alluded to the fact that the MP once appeared a video vixen for Kikuyu benga musician John De’Mathew. The song is called Njata Yakwa.

Ms Chege also appeared on the once popular TV show Tausi as Rehema.

“REVEALED: Hon Sabina Chege was a dancer of pencil thin Gikuyu singer DeMathew. May be she likes pencil thin friends? watch this old video and you will understand her journey to Parliament.. #SuraNiMuhimu,” read the post.

But virtually everyone who commented backed the MP.

Thirwam Githirwa said: “Why post such nonsense? What value is it for and what do you gain by trying to portray her negatively? Did her dancing stop her from getting education degrees and becoming a respectable national politician heading serious committees in parliament like education and now health? Your post is trash, petty, show how empty headed you are , with a small psychopath brain.”

Annet Wanjiru added: “She acted as de Matthew’s wife, she earned cash and fame that why she is mama county today. Much respect mama.

Sophie Ngugi said: “She was an actor, a radio presenter and much more! and I had her speaking with girls form her constituency sharing her life story in mentorship forum before she even became politician, and she was deeply inspiring! Yeeeeeeh! if you were too fat for her to dance with you to bad, Go hang!”

Mwesh Jano Dodi also weighed in: “She was an actor..not dancer..what’s wrong with that .always a beauty!”

Jimmy Nduta said: “She appeared on the song for promotion purposes. Remember that she was one of the best kikuyu radio presenter at the time. Haters should swallow their bile.”

Elisha Odhiambo was more sarcastic: “Thanks for sharing the song. Can’t get enough of it. I’ve been playing it on repeat mode. By the way, Sabina Chege is MY STAR as well. She’s come from far and deserves all the respect.”

Mzima Mzima said: “Nkt. This is too much.. When. A woman rises, u try all the bad reasons relating to her rise, why can’t you just respect, her journey, she is such an educated lady, very hardworking , high IQ very smart upstairs, .. I pray our daughters will get a more accommodating society.”

Lilian Atieno Oloo added: “This is called focus. She began somewhere and of course didn’t end it there. While doing this to earn a living, some here were idling. Now she’s in Parliament. God knows where next when guys are Still yapping. Am sure you can pick a lesson or two from her life.”

Myner Beth said: “I can’t hate on a woman who is doing much better than i. total respect to all women who work hard. keep posting her past and also her extracurricular activities either way your “righteous life” has got you where again?”