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Facebook friends that you must ‘unfriend’

Facebook can be a great way to connect and communicate with friends and family. It can also be the place where people annoy most. Here are some of the people that you should have nothing to do with on Facebook.

1. Games addict – Here’s a person who will keep sending you game requests and tag you on all the games that they come across. No matter how many times you tell them that you don’t like games they will keep sending you a game request to play Candy Crush.

2. Mr Vague status – These type of people fish for people just to ask “what’s wrong?” or “OMG I can’t believe that just happened to me”. All they are after is some little attention.

3. The Copycat – You have come across this type of people who will never post anything original; just videos or articles they read online.

4. Miss I Eat this and that – She will practically take pictures every meal she eats and post for the whole world to see. Well, not really everything; mostly the fancy stuff such as pizzas, burgers and ice cream.

5. The Wannabe TPF academy member – They just cant stop posting random song lyrics usually about their new love or recent breakup. Why can’t anyone post lyrics of Ni momo and translate it for those who don’t understand Kikuyu?

6. The Spam Innovators – No, I don’t have bedbugs in my house nor do I want you to come and clean my sofas, or attend a party that you have created and you are not telling us what it is about.

7. The proud parent – This type are known for posting 100 pictures of their baby a week. The problem is, I was with you at the hospital when your child was born and even held it in my arms. So quit posting all those photos!

8. Mr Pessimist – This one’s key trait is negativism about everything. Hey bro, why all the hate?

9. The Fitness guru – He will only upload posts about working out – #gains #workout #fit #fitness #fitlife #crossfit #lift … #STOP.