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Ezra Chiloba is not my husband and I’m not Uhuru kin

A woman pictured with IEBC chief executive Ezra Chiloba in a wedding procession has come out to clarify on the circumstance of the photo and to dispel rumours that have arisen from it.

Bloggers and social media users have been circulating the photo of the two with claims that they are married and she has blood ties with the Kenyatta family

Well, it turns out that the woman, Charity Oner, is married to an immediate former MP and has no relationship with President Uhuru Kenyatta.


A troubled Mrs Oner reached out to Nairobi News on Friday to clear the air on the photo that has seen her erecive endless calls from friends and family.

Mrs Oner is from Homa Bay county and is married to ousted Rangwe MP George Oner.

“I am from Homa Bay and not related to the Kenyattas as people have claimed. At first I ignored the rumors until I felt there was need to clarify because I received so many calls on Friday evening,” Mrs Oner told Nairobi News.

The mother of two urged Kenyans to always authenticate information before circulating a photo online.

“It has become the norm for people to share unverified information which is unfair to others especially when families are involved,” she added.

So, how did she end up with Ezra Chiloba in the wedding procession?


The photo was taken when Mr Chiloba was the best man at the wedding of his friend and former University of Nairobi student leader David Osiany.

Mrs Oner was the best maid at the wedding. The bride, Citizen Radio’s Syombua Osiany, is her long time friend.

The photo was therefore of the best man and best maid at the wedding.

Mr Chiloba is married to Rebecca Mananu and they have two children.

He confirmed Mrs Oner account of the photo at a recent interview with Business Daily.

“I saw pictures the other day of me and a lady in a wedding line-up who is supposedly my wife. That’s not my wife. I was in a wedding two years ago as the best man and the lady—an MP’s wife, was the best maid,” Mr Chiloba said.

Kenyan women drooled over Mr Chiloba on Election Day, coining a new name “Chilobae” for him. Some even photoshopped themselves into the wedding picture.


In an interview published on Friday, Mr Chiloba stated that he uses Chilobae as the address of his private email.

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