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Expect more rain in Nairobi

Several parts of the country will continue receiving rainfall in the coming week, the Kenya Meteorological Department has said.

In a forecast for November 30 – December 6, the Met Department said several parts of the Highlands East of the Rift Valley, the South-eastern lowlands, and the Coast are likely to continue receiving rainfall.

According to Met, Nairobi County is likely to be cloudy with occasional rains over a few places in the mornings, while afternoon and night showers are likely to occur over a few to several places.

Rainfall intensities are however likely to reduce as the forecast period progresses.

Nairobi residents have witnessed rainfall and chilly weather leading to floods in the past three days.

The rains have left flood-prone areas submerged.

Many motorists blamed the perennial flooding challenge on poor drainage of the capital while some blamed the construction works of the Expressway.

Following the night rains, most roads in Nairobi were flooded but the most affected areas were Wetlands, South C, Thika Road, Parklands, and Kilimani.

On Tuesday, motorists reported heavy traffic snarl-ups on all major city roads.