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Exercise is good for your sex life

If steamy sessions in the bedroom are your kind of thing, then you need to exercise regularly.

A study by the Journal of the American Medical Association found that people who are more likely to suffer from sexual dysfunction are those with poor physical and emotional health.

Fitness instructor at Nadiano Gym Elly, Roimen Mathenge promotes exercise for sex life. And if both you and your partner develop the habit, the better.

“If you are both fit, then you will have more energy in the bedroom,” she said.

“Exercise also boosts your self image making you feel sexy.”

“One learns how to fight the burn during exercise. For example, if the target is 15 repetitions of a move, you may get tired after 10,” said Nina Kamwithi of Fit and Lean Health Club.

“Exercise makes the mind strong so that you will push yourself until all 15 repetitions are done. You can use the same mind strength in the bedroom.”

A good workout will also release feel-good hormones thus putting you in better spirits. If the workout includes sprinting or weight lifting, it will also increase testosterone which contributes to a high sex drive and good mood.

Common moves such as squats directly benefit your sex life. Squats increase the power and strength of the legs and butt.

In addition, squats exercise some pelvic floor muscles which can increase sexual satisfaction. In men, strong pelvic floors prevent or remedy erectile dysfunction.

A study published in the British Journal of General Practice showed that 40 per cent of men who strengthened their pelvic floor muscles over three months regained full sexual function.