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EXCLUSIVE: Watch as county officials destroy their houses – VIDEO

It is the season for demolitions around the country and the Mombasa County government seemingly does not wish to be left behind.

So much so that county askaris were spotted destroying houses belonging to their employer.

According to footage in our possession, the askaris earlier this week targeted National Housing Corporation Houses in Changamwe.

The bizarre incident occurred earlier this week when the askaris destroyed most window panes and doors of houses.

The destruction, Nairobi News understands, emanates from a pay dispute involving the County Government and a section of tenants.

According to the askaris who spoke off the record, some tenants have rent arrears stretching back three years.

Others have refused to meet the increased rates approved at the start of the year by the County Government, while a section have moved to court seeking to be allocated the houses on the argument they have lived there for the last three years.

Interestingly, the askaris believe this destruction will force the affected tenants to either move out of the premises, incur costs in while repairing them or better still, be forced to negotiate an agreement on the way forward.