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Ex-street boy famous for ‘Mwema’ hit admitted to city academy on full scholarship

A boy whose voice captivated many Kenyans earning him a meeting with gospel artiste Mercy Masika has been accepted at a city academy on full scholarship.

Tredy Bradly whose video while singing Masika’s Mwema hit went viral on Facebook was taken in by a guardian, Daizy Kayech who lives in Syokimau.

Ms Kayech on Thursday gave an update on Bradly writing: “Today marks a new beginning for Bradley. He is favoured to have been accepted at Sankofa Academy-Syokimau on a 100% scholarship basis. He is privileged to be under experienced teachers who formerly worked at peponi school, Makini,Braeburn & Agha Khan.

If you can get your child to this school, that will be the best decision you will ever make. Their curriculum is well thought out. Much Appreciation Sankofa Academy-Syokimau -Syokimau for opening your doors for Bradley. God in heaven will bless you.”

During a past interview on Nairobi News’ Snappy 7, singer Masika said she found Bradly in Kisumu and he was taken in by a guardian in Nairobi where the singer will help nurture his talent in singing.

Bradly was part of a talent search that saw him get shortlisted among the finalists and even earned him a performance during the August 2016 Kids Festival.


While speaking to Nairobi News, Ms Kayech confirmed Bradly’s admission to school.

“While we were going for a sing out audition and he was in Kondele Primary School we had figure out how to keep him in Nairobi for the weekly recordings. I walked into the new school which is in my neighbourhood and since it’s a Christian school when I explained the need they agreed to take him in for as long as he wants,” Ms Kayech told Nairobi News.

Nine year old Bradly is joining class three at the academy as he goes on with the recording for the television show that he became a finalist in.