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Ethiopians charged for being in the country illegally

Six Ethiopian nationals on Tuesday appeared before a Nairobi magistrate for being in the country illegally. The six pleaded guilty to the charge before Senior Principal Magistrate Enock Cherono.

The court heard that the six were arrested on December 19, 2014 by officers from Kantaria Police Post in Kiambu who acted on a tip off from members of the public of there being suspiciously looking people hiding in a bush.

The officers arrested the six and took them to Tigoni Police Station where efforts to interrogate them were futile as they couldnt communicate in English or Kiswahili and did not have any identification documents.

Anti-terrorism officers were informed and the suspects placed under police custody at the station overnight.


The following day they were escorted to the anti-terrorism police headquarters where the officers discovered that the six were Ethiopians with no documents allowing them to be in the country.

The six were engaged through an Amharic interpreter and they told the court that they were brought into the country by a person who was to transport them to other countries as workers.

They said that they did not have the person’s name and he took their passports to complete the processes leaving them with just his contacts and that he has since been unreachable.

Principal Magistrate said the accused persons’ mitigation had been considered but were fined Sh100, 000 with an option of six months imprisonment after which they are to be deported to Ethiopia.