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Eric Omondi’s new ‘pumped-up’ look gets KOT purring

Comedian Eric Omondi has posted a photo of his ‘pumped-up’ self with bulging muscles and a six pack.

It is a huge difference from his usual skinny look.

Eric’s small physique has  been a topic of ridicule, with the comedian always narrating how he is struggling to increase his mass weight.

The photo created abuzz on social media with most of his fans expressing scepticism.

This is what they had to say.

“Issa lie no worries my son, one day it shall be,” said media personality Julie Gichuru.

“Dear father now we can hide our girlfriends,” wrote model Rue Baby.

“Santhaaaa bouncer,” commented celebrity chef Ali.

“You really worked out,” stated activist Boniface Mwangi.

“Aaai Erico we know your ribs bana ….ya left kwanza inakuanga juu kuliko ya right…whose body did you steal now,” asked ikky256.

“Aki ya mungu huyu si eric,” said rono.h.

“Where is the real face of that body tag him for us,” said matamumusic.