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Eric Omondi left out of Nite of 1000 laughs

Eric Omondi has enjoyed a considerable amount of time of fame in being called the funniest comedian in Kenya.

Ever since he joined the Churchill show, his star has been shinning bright with some critics saying that he was the only guy holding the show on its feet.

But to stay on top is not an easy thing. His fans have complained that he is no longer funny and his luster as a comedian seems to start fading.

We all know that the ‘Nite of a Thousand laughs’ is one of the biggest gigs in the calendar of comedians, and this year’s event is taking place in Kenya at the Carnivore grounds.

Newcomers in the comedy world like Chipukezzy, Ayeiya Poa Poa and Sleepy David are the only Kenyan acts invited to the event.

Eric is like Churchill’s right hand man and it is weird that he will be on the audience side like the rest of us.

Anyway efforts of reaching him for a comment have been futile. Have we lost him or is he hiding a joker card under his sleeve waiting for the right time to strike?