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Engineer on a mission to grow home farming

Oliver Ndegwa is a telecommunications engineer. However, since growing interest in farming years ago, he has switched his line of work.

Besides constructing greenhouses, he also helps Kenyans adopt new farming techniques.

He says his greatest pleasure is seeing a farmer he nurtured do well.

His experience has taught him that good farming business can only be realised when farmers start small and grow slowly.

Vertical farming

And now he has a dream for Nairobi residents; he wants them to change their backyards, balconies and car parks into gardens.

“I have discovered that Nairobians own huge pieces of land in their rural areas. My plan is to help them experience farming on a small scale in their homes before they retire to their rural homes,” said Ndegwa,  the founder of Agrotunnnel.

He says teaching Nairobians small-scale farming is like helping them make a retirement plan.

He says those with backyards can build agro-tunnels (small green houses) and grow own food to stop reliance on markets.

He adds that growing vegetables would help  cut down on the cost of living substantially.

Besides intensive farming, he also  helps residents adapt vertical or hydroponic farming technologies.

“This kind of farming can be done from a balcony,” he said.

He charges Sh50,000 for installation of an agro-tunnel and Sh5,000 in helping a farmer set up and adapt the technology.