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What embodies love in Nairobi for Valentine’s couples?

Valentine’s Day is one day of the year that comes with it’s expectations and demands for those in the dating game.

But it always doesn’t follow that Valentines is all about expensive dinners in crowded restaurant. You can easily enjoy the day by visiting some interesting places in Nairobi. Here are a few of them:

1. Parks – You can skip all the traditional methods of Valentine Day romance and treat your valentine to a day she or he is sure to remember by taking a walk in any of the numerous parks in Nairobi. Uhuru Park and the Arboretum Park are two places you and your partner can hang out. Carry along a wine in a backpack and you’ve got yourself a unique and sweet date with less money spent.

2. Movies – Most Nairobians flock the movie theaters to delight their date on this special day. But with the movie theaters in Nairobi fighting to stay afloat because of the competition from pirated DVD’s being sold on the streets, it will highly unlikely that you will find a ticket on Valentine’s Day. So it would be wise to plan early.

3. Restaurants – Most of the restaurants in the city are having special offers on meals, with some even indulging their clientele with rose flowers. So for those who love food, taking your date to the restaurants won’t be such a bad idea.

4. KWS Safari Walk – KWS Safari Walk is one of the best spots for romantic walks in Kenya. The destination naturally sets in the romantic mood. The ideal setting is a late afternoon stroll with an option of stopping for a picnic as you and your date have a taste of Kenyan wildlife.

5. Nairobi nightlife – Nairobi is a city with something for everyone who like the nightlife. Whether you’re looking for a quiet bar in town or a noisy one where patrons party till dawn, you’ll find it in Nairobi – especially if you and your date date fancy the idea of bar hopping on Valentines.

6. Beautiful Women – If you are single on Valentines, worry not. Nairobi is full of beautiful women who are single and searching. You can always find one who is willing to keep you company.