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Electrocuted Kenya Power employees ‘in stable condition’

Two Kenya Power electricians who were electrocuted while repairing power lines in Nakuru did not die as widely believed, the company has said.

A disturbing video making rounds on social media shows the moment two men in flames as they are electrocuted while on duty.

Kenya Power has confirmed the tragic incident, saying its safety engineers are investigating an incident in which two technicians of a company it had contracted received electrical burns as they were installing a meter in Nakuru on Sunday evening.


Kenya Power General Manager for Network Management, Daniel Tare, said the injured technicians were involved in the installation of a large power outdoor meter and were rushed to a Nakuru hospital following the mishap.

“They are in a stable condition and communicating,” Eng. Tare said.

“It was not fatal as reported in social media platforms. We are conducting thorough investigations to find the cause of the unfortunate incident and enhance safety measures to prevent such occurrences in future,” he added.

It is said that the incident followed a miscommunication with the office where power was switched back on before the two were done. In the video, the two men clad in official overall are seen catching fire as they fight off the flames.