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Eight vital questions men should ask their doctors

Sometimes, whether you are in great health or not depends on whether or not you asked your doctor the right questions.

When it comes to your health, you shouldn’t be embarrassed about asking anything. Listen guys, here are eight questions that you must not forget to ask your doctor;

1. Do I need to be tested for prostate cancer? – Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers among Kenyan men. It is a slow growing cancer meaning that if it is caught early, then there are treatment options. A man with a family history of it and even that one who doesn’t should talk to his doctor about screening.

2. Are my boobs too big? – Out of embarrassment, a lot of men choose to cover up their man boobs. Most of the times, the presence of man boobs is an indicator that a man is obese. Sometimes tough, they are an indicator of liver and kidney problems. If a man has them, he should ask about them.

3. I takes me a long time to pee, should I be worried? – This is a question that a man shouldn’t shy away from asking his doctor. This problem could indicate prostate problems or other medical problems that need medical attention.

4. Why is my libido not as high as it was before? – Yes, this is a valid question for your doctor. A low libido could be as a result of many things. It could indicate low testosterone levels in the body, it could also be an indicator of greater health problems.

5. What the hell does that mean? – You shouldn’t not be too embarrassed to ask for an explanation on what something means. Doctors are also known for their poor penmanship. If he scribbles something that you can’t read, ask what it means.

6. My hair is thinning, can you help? – The average man is embarrassed that his thinning hair is an indication of his advancing age. He is embarrassed so he doesn’t ask about it. What he doesn’t know is that thinning hair can be caused by thyroid problems or stress and it can actually be treated.

7. Why I’m I not having morning erections? – A man who is not having morning erections is a man with erectile dysfunction. The good news is that most causes of erectile dysfunction are treatable. Erectile dysfunction could also be an indicator that one is suffering from heart disease.

8. Do I need to drink less? – Yes, how much alcohol a man drinks affects his overall health and his longevity. If you are unsure about your alcohol intake, do not forget to ask your doctor about it.