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Eight things the Nairobi bachelor wishes women knew about him

The Nairobi man is gravely misunderstood. A lot has been said about him yet he is rarely given the chance to speak for himself.

Here is a look into the things that he wishes the Nairobi woman knew about him.

1. He wishes you would support his team – If a man is into sports, them his relationship with his chosen team is intense. It may seem like something petty to you but every time you roll your eyes when he suggests that you go and watch a game, it gets to him. He wishes you would support him.

2. His mother comes first – There is no debate about this. He just wishes that the other women in his life understood this. It doesn’t matter what the two of you are up to, if his mother calls, she will be attended to.

3. He is insecure – Yes he is. He may not show it but the Nairobi man has many insecurities about himself and about life. He wishes the women in his life would help him fight these insecurities by constantly affirming him.

4. He cares about your appearance – Yes, he notices when you stop caring about how you look. Granted that he knows that not all women can look like television starts, he wishes his woman would put a little more effort in her appearance.

5. He wishes you would stop asking him for fashion advice – Unless your man works in the fashion industry, then he wishes you would stop asking him every morning how you look in this dress or the other. If he were honest every time, then he might say things you do not want to hear.

6. He would rather feel unloved than inadequate – The sole goal for a man when he gets into a relationship with a woman usually is to make her feel safe and protected. The minute he feels as if he isn’t achieving this goal, it eats into his self esteem

7. He isn’t so different – The Nairobi man wishes you would throw that mentality that men are from Mars and women from Venus out the window. He wishes the woman in his life knew that he isn’t that different from her. That he sometimes feels vulnerable, he enjoys shopping sometimes and he doesn’t hate cuddling.

8. He wishes that she would just say it – As much as the women wants to believe that he can, the Nairobi man can’t read minds. He wishes the woman in his life would just say what she means and stop dropping hints.