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Eight things she is guaranteed to tell her friends about you

Women love to confide in their friends – that is not news. Every man in a relationship however wonders what his woman says about him to her friends. Here is a look into things about you that you can be sure she is telling;

1. Your bedroom skills – Yes, I know this is not good news. You can be sure however that your woman is talking about your bedroom strengths and weaknesses to her friends.

2. How much you make – Not all women are gold diggers. That said, every woman seeks some form of security from a man. For a lot of women, financial security from a man is important. This means that she will worry about the kind of lifestyle that you can offer her. She will also discuss the issue with her friends.

3. Your size – Your women will talk about the size of your manhood to her friends – in detail. The good news however is that if she is gushing about it, she likes it. Don’t hold this fact against her, her friends will ask questions about it which she will have to answer. It has no bearing on her character or what she truly feels about you.

4. Comparison to previous lovers – This is another piece of bad news. If you are with a woman, even if you two have a perfect relationship, you can be sure that she is comparing you to previous lovers. And because women love to talk, she will discuss how you compare with her friends.

5. Your ex – Surprise. Your woman definitely knows things about your ex that you don’t imagine she does. She has done her research and she will share her findings with her friends. This isn’t anything to worry about though, it is just talk. It shouldn’t bother you.

6. What she thinks about your friends – Male friendships usually are very strong. Women know this. This means that even when she feels negatively about your friends, she is unlikely to tell you because she doesn’t want you to pick sides. She will opt to pour her heart out on all of it to her friends.

7. Your annoying quirks – Everyone has them. Those annoying things they do that their partner wishes that they would just drop. Your woman is discussing yours with her friends.

8. That one thing you do exceptionally well – It isn’t all bad. Women also say good things about their men. She will gush to her friends about the one thing that you do exceptionally well be it in bed or how good you are with her when she is an emotional mess. She will talk about it.