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Eight questions Nairobi man doesn’t have the nerve to ask

The Nairobi woman is a mysterious creature. The man in her life is always wondering about her. Here’s is a look into questions that the Nairobi man is dying to ask the Nairobi woman but he doesn’t have the nerve to;

1. How many men have you slept with? – Yes, the Nairobi man always wonders about this. He however doesn’t ask because he is afraid the woman might deem it too personal. He is also not sure that he will like the answer he will get so he keeps mum.

2. Are you really over your ex? – The Nairobi man who is dating that woman who is constantly making references to her ex is dying to ask this question. But he doesn’t want to be seen as immature. He wants to come off as macho so he refrains from asking.

3. Can we spilt the bill? – The world has seen a shift in gender roles. The woman that the Nairobi man is dating is probably making just as much as if not more than him. He wonders whether she would be up to splitting the bill with him but he doesn’t ask because he doesn’t want to seem like a jerk.

4. I’m I better than your ex? – Every man wants to be the best man that his woman has had. This means that he wonders about the people that she has been with in the past. He however can’t ask this question because he doesn’t want to come off as clingy or insecure.

5. Why do you buy so many shoes? – This is one thing that the Nairobi man doesn’t quite understand. The fact that is she could, she would buy a pair of shoes every day of her life. He doesn’t understand it but it seems to make her happy so he just goes with it.

6. Do women really like nice guys? – This is another thing that the Nairobi man always wonders about. He hears that women like nice guys and yet if he is one, he is continually ignored as women go for the bad guys.

7. What do you mean when you say ‘fine’? – He knows that when she says everything is fine, it could mean two things. She could be happy and satisfied with life as it is. She could also be unhappy with him. He refrains from asking this question because he is afraid it will upset her.

8. What do you think of my mother? – The Nairobi man has a very special relationship with his mother. He wonders what the woman he is romantically involved truly thinks of her. He however doesn’t ask because he isn’t sure he will like what she has to say.