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Eight questions to ask before dating him

True, the dating scene is hard and good men are hard to come by these days. Still, if she is seeking happiness or any semblance of it, a woman shouldn’t jump into a romantic relationship.

Here’s a look into questions that every woman should ask her love interest before saying ‘Yes’ to a relationship.

1. Are you married? – This is the one question that a lot of Nairobi women forget to ask the men they date. The reason you find yourself living life as the other women could simply be that you didn’t ask if he was married until he was too late.

2. How is your relationship with your mother? – A man’s relationship with his mother is usually a reflection of what he generally thinks about women. If he despises her, chances are that he will despise you too.

3. What are your future plans? – Yes, this is a valid question. Instead of waiting months or years into a relationship to realize that a man is not a good match for you, why not clear this out right from the beginning?

4. Why did your last relationship end? – The answer that your love interest gives when asked this question will tell you all you need to know about the kind of man that he is. Listen to the words he uses to describe his ex, does he take blame for his failings in that relationship?

5. Are you a sender or a saver? – Money is a source of a lot of conflict in romantic relationships. It is good to know your partner’s money spending habits so that you can know what to expect.

6. Do you like your job? – It is important that the person you get into a relationship with is happy with his job. He doesn’t need to be making a fortune but it helps that he enjoys what he does. Otherwise, he will be unhappy and miserable.

7. What are your hobbies? – What a man likes to do with his free time is as important as everything else about him. His hobbies could also show you just how much alike or different your life goals are.

8. What are your addictions? – Everybody has them. While some of them are fairly harmless, others are life threatening. Do not be afraid to ask this question. If he is hooked to weed or to the bottle, you need to know.