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Eight possible reasons she isn’t sleeping with you anymore


Many times, when your woman doesn’t want to have sex, it has nothing to do with you.

Sometimes though, you are to blame. The interesting thing is that there is no telling why she does what she does.
Here is a look into possible reasons why she will not sleep with you;

1. She is contemplating to break up with you – For many women, a break up begins with a physical withdrawal before she finally withdraws emotionally. The good news is that if you know that she is thinking about it, then you can fix it in time.

2. It’s boring – Your girlfriend may have stopped sleeping with you because things got boring in the bedroom. For fear of bruising your ego by bringing it up, your woman may simply avoid having sex.

3. She is no longer attracted to you – She may not be contemplating breaking up with you but she may no longer be physically attracted to you. This can be a result of many things. Maybe you did something or maybe she changed.

4. She is fatigued – In a fast paced city like Nairobi, it is easy for it all to catch up with you. If she is fatigued, then she will not be in a position to think about sex.

5. You are putting yourself first – If you are being selfish, if all the conversations revolve around you and your life, then your woman may not be feeling up to it. This is because sexual intimacy is a form of sharing. When she has sex with you, she shares part of herself. If you are not sharing, then she might not feel so inspired as well.

6. It is painful – Sometimes, for women, sex becomes painful. This could be as a result of a myriad of things either physical or psychological. You will not know the root cause of it until you broach the subject.

7. She is cheating – Sometimes, the reason she stops sleeping with you is straightforward. Sometimes it is because she is sleeping with someone else. Do not accuse her of it though without evidence.

8. She is stressed – Yes, stress is one the biggest libido killers. If she isn’t sleeping with you, chances are that she is stressed. The good news is that this is a temporary situation and the stress may have absolutely nothing to do with you.