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Eight New Year sex resolutions you are bound to break

A fresh year is a fresh start for most. A time to make positive changes in all areas of your life including your sex life.

You are bound to make sex resolutions this New Year. Here’s a look into those you are bound to make and break:

1. To be unselfish – Sex is best enjoyed when you are sure that your love interest is enjoying it as much as you are. Some people get off their partner’s pleasure. In the New Year, you will vow to be unselfish in bed. While this is a great resolution, it is a hard one to keep.

2. To be spontaneous – Nairobi is a fast paced city. The average person barely has enough time to sit down for an hour of a decent lunch. A lot of people schedule their sexual encounters. With time, this can get boring.

You will vow to be more spontaneous in the New Year. You might even be for a little while. With time though, it gets easier to fall back into the old routine.

3. Putting the gadgets down – We all know how much the cell phones and iPads can interrupt your sex life. Some will resolve to put them away from the bedrooms so that they can focus all their attention on their spouses. With work and social commitments bound to get in the way again, this is a resolution you are likely to break.

4. Doing it more – You might resolve to hit the sack more than once a week this New Year. You might even resolve to make it more creative each time. You will however only be able to fulfil this resolution if you actually make time out of your life for it.

5. Getting vocal in the bedroom – This is a great way to heat up things in the bedroom. To speak out more saying the things you like and those that you do not. It is also a resolution you are bound to break.

Your significant other might need to be told something more than once. Not many people will want to keep repeating themselves.

6. Start dating again – For the couple that is in a long term committed relationship, bringing back the date night is a great way to get your sexy back. Honestly, though, for how many weeks can you keep up with this commitment?

7. Getting in better shape – This is the one resolution that you will not miss on almost all the lists that will be made in the New Year. You will be desiring to get into good shape so that you can please each other in bed.

You may even take out a yearlong gym membership. Sadly, it is more likely than not that it will only be used for a few weeks.

8. Waking up a little earlier – Morning sex can be mind-blowing. You might resolve to wake up a bit earlier more often for some morning nookie. To keep this up, it means you will need to consistently go to bed earlier. Can you give up the late nights out, the late night football games and television soap operas?