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Uthiru residents donate food and sanitisers to the needy

Uthiru residents have come to the aid of the needy in their society as the world struggles to deal with the effects of coronavirus pandemic.

In an initiative dubbed “Donate a meal; Touch a life campaign”, residents of Uthiru ward drawn from Ndumbu-ini, Gitire, Gituamba, Reli and Gakobu, donated foodstuff, facemasks and sanitising products to residents in rural and informal settlements.

The organisers raised Sh120,000 in cash and food donation worth Sh60,000 which was used to feed approximately 150 families.

Each household received a package worth Sh1,000 consisting of 4kg maize flour, 2kg wheat flour, 2kgs rice, 1kg beans, 1kg sugar, 1litre cooking oil, 1 bar of soap and 1 piece of face mask.

Most of the beneficiaries were tenants from different parts of the country and had been trapped in their homes due to the travel restrictions.

Two children homes, Jesus helpers and Divine Mercy also benefitted from the campaign as they received a generous package from the area residents.

According to one of the organisers, Mr Andrew Munyaka, the food drive was a success, as many residents were willing to share the little they had with their neighbours. “It’s not about how wealthy one is, it’s about how big your heart is in giving,” he said.

The campaign treasurer Ms Minnie Ngina thanked all Uthiru residents who participated in the initiative for their generosity towards the less privileged in society and urged Uthiru politicians to honour their promises towards their constituents.

“Uthiru Ward has been neglected for a long time, we ask our leaders to step up and support residents who are struggling to get basic needs during these difficult times, they also need to repair the impassable roads in this ward,” she added.

The organisers spread the word on the campaign through a Whatsapp group called the ‘Uthiru Residents Forum’ consisting of both old and young residents, through word of mouth and door to door visits.

The organisers also educated the residents on the importance of keeping social distance, washing hands with soap and water and wearing a mask when out in public.

“We are not remembered by what we do to ourselves but what we do onto others,” said John Kibaki the drive coordinator.