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Two women who fought in public handed six-months suspended jail term

Two women who pleaded guilty to charges of fighting in public, have been sentenced to a six-months suspended jail term.

Nancy Gatei and Nancy Wairima were charged with fighting in public within Congo area in Kahawa West estate on July 1, 2020.


They admitted the charges before Senior Principal Magistrate Merissa Opondo of the Makadara Law Courts.

The accused women said their differences stemmed from gossip but that they have since settled their differences and are now friends.

Both of them expressed regret over the incident and promised never to repeat the same.

The two fought after Gatei confronted Wairima accusing her of spreading lies about her boyfriend.

Wairima had reportedly lied about Gatei’s boyfriend leading to their breakup before Gatei discovered the falsehoods and confronted Wairima.


Wairima lived close to Gatei’s boyfriend and would tell her about her boyfriend’s escapades.

Gatei claimed that she broke up with her boyfriend because of lies peddled by Wairima about him.

Gatei had threatened to stab Wairima after she discovered her lies.

On the material day of the fight, the two women were separated by members of the public who then took them to the police station where both were booked with assault.

While sentencing them, the magistrate warned the two accused persons against committing any offence during the period of their sentence, otherwise they risk serving the sentence in prison.