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Telegram adds video editor and more creative tools

Telegram has a new update because that brings new features.

The company said it was upgrading the media editor with support for animated stickers and editing videos.

“You can now enhance video quality automatically in two taps – or manually tweak a dozen parameters, like brightness or saturation, until your inner Kubrick is satisfied,” said Telegram in its blogpost.

It added that for a perfect paintbrush precision, zoom in on photos or videos when drawing on them to get every line just right.

Your made-up makeup – or your classmates’ handlebar moustaches – will never look the same.

The latest update version 6.0 also comes with ‘Chat experience’ and ‘Channel performance monitoring’ features. Along with that, it also includes new emojis.

The Chat experience feature allows Telegram users to organise chats in Chat Folders.

Users will be able to include or exclude all chats of a particular type, like Channels, or Unread – or one by one.

Further, this will allow them to pin unlimited chats and hide some chats.

Swiping left on a chat will transfer it to users’ archived chats folder.

When an archived chat gets a notification, it will pop out of the folder and back into your chat list. Muted chats will stay archived forever.

This update also brings the option to view detailed statistics for channels with more than 1,000 subscribers to study about their growth and the performance of its posts.

Coming to emojis, the latest additions are the animated emojis that “can help you be brave and urge your friends to stay safe and healthy,” Telegram said on its blogpost.

Earlier this month, Telegram introduced a Discussion Button in a bid to let users access a separate group chat extension even on chat restricted channels.

The new feature allows admins to provide a whole new chat section associated with the specific channel, Telegram said.

The Gif panel also received some new features which include a trending section that allows you to choose from the most popular Gifs on the app and emoji-based sections which provide relevant GIFs for emojis such as the thumbs up or heart eyes.

Telegram reached 400 million active users in April. Apart from the new active user milestones, the app also introduced educational snippets and quizzes together with a new 20,000 stickers directory.

The company is planning to release secure group video calls before the end of the year.