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Somali woman rescued from Eastleigh brothel where ‘husband’ dumped her

A fundraising drive in Australia has raised sufficient money to buy the freedom of a Somali woman who was dumped at an Eastleigh brothel.

Ms Jamil Abdi called the brothel home for months after being duped by a man into marriage.

The funds drive was championed by Ms Fardowsa Abdirahman who lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Ms Abdi’s story was highlighted by British television station Channel 4.

After the airing of the documentary, Ms Fardowa started a fund raiser and within two days she had raised more than Sh1.5 million.

The money was used to get Ms Abdi an apartment in Eastleigh Estate and also put up a business for her.

“Here I can watch TV. Sometimes watch movies. I can cook. Home cooked food is much better,” Ms Abdi told SBS News.

Speaking in the same documentary, Ms Fardowsa said that she has started a movement to assist young girls who get dumped by foreigners after duping them that they will marry them.