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Robbery with violence suspects escape from police custody by faking diarrhoea

Two robbery with violence suspects staged a clever escape from Ruiru Police Station on Wednesday by pretending that they had a running stomach.

Wycliffe Kori Achola and Denis Atitwa Atenya were to appear for hearing of the respective cases at Ruiru Law Courts on Thursday but they escaped from police cells after a scuffle with two police officers.

Police reports indicate that Achola had claimed to have a running stomach and asked to be escorted to toilets within the cells.


But before the policeman on guard could close the door, the two pushed it open.

They allegedly overpowered the officer, and strangled his female colleague Julia Nduta who was at the report desk before escaping at around 5am.

The two officers raised alarm and their colleagues joined them in search for the suspects at vain.

Kiambu police commander Ali Nuno on Thursday said no information has been received regarding the whereabouts of the two escapees.