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Mother who killed her four children blames it on ‘evil spirits’

A mother of six who is suspected to have killed four of her children is now blaming evil spirits and her former boyfriend for her heinous act.

Beatrice Mwende Kimothoi, 42, is accused of poisoning before strangling her three girls and a boy, inside the family’s living room at their residential house located in Naivasha town over the weekend.


Speaking to the media before she was arraigned in court in Naivasha, the mother of six pleaded for leniency, saying she was possessed and did not know what she was doing.

“I’m a teacher, a mentor and I have never done anything wrong. I cannot believe I can kill someone. I’m suspecting my ex-boyfriend is the one who caused all that,” Ms Kimothoi said.

She claims her ex-boyfriend used her body to struggle the children, adding that the voices in her head made her commit the crime.

It has been reported that she first killed her youngest girl, Whitney Nyambura aged two.

She claims that a voice told her to kill and that she did it without any emotion.


“I heard this voice which told me to kill her and I did. I struggled her with ease, then I placed her on the bed and covered her,” she said.

According to the suspect, she again heard the voice of her ex-boyfriend and she followed his orders by taking the innocent lives of eight-year-old Melody Warigia, Willy Macharia, 7, and Samantha Njeri who was only four years old.

On Saturday, police found a detailed letter the suspect had written explaining why she had killed her four children.

In the letter addressed to her eldest son, the suspect expressed her frustrations in life, including failure to pay house rent since April.

“I know I belong to jail… in fact I know I will spend the rest of my life behind bars but I am prepared for it,” the hand written letter reads.

In the letter, she accuses her ex-boyfriend of betraying her love.


“I loved him dearly. Have nothing to do with him,” she warned her son.

She also encouraged her son, who is in university, to continue with his studies, calling upon him to take care of his younger brother.

She also revealed where she wants her children to be buried, saying she had bought new outfits for their burial.

“Because I don’t have a piece of land, and because of what has happened, my children have to be buried. So I don’t want to bother many people so I requested one of my brothers to bury my children,” she says in the letter.

The accused appeared before Naivasha Law Courts on Monday but was not required to plead to the charges. The police said they intended to charge her with murder.

Naivasha Senior Resident Magistrate Yusuf Baraza allowed detectives to continue holding Mwende for seven more days.