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Kenyan in US jailed for life for raping a mentally impaired patient

A Kenyan man in living in Texas, United States was on Thursday jailed for life in prison for sexually assaulting a mentally impaired woman.

Anthony Mamboleo Nyakeo, 53, was found guilty of raping a 74-year-old woman.

According to Dallas Morning News, an attorney representing Nyakeo, who worked as a nursing home health care worker, said his client was convicted of sexually assaulting the patient and asked the jury for mercy in the form of probation.

Instead, the jury sided with the prosecution and sentenced Nyakeo of Fort Worth, to life in prison Thursday.

Nyakeo, could have been awarded probation because there were no prior convictions on his record, or he could have received a sentence as short as five years.

The victim, who suffered from dementia, died of Alzheimer’s disease months after the assaults at age 75, according to testimony.

An administrator at Grapevine nursing home where the woman lived found the old woman with blood in her undergarment before she was transferred to a hospital to be examined.

The victim could not speak, could not move, and any fear that she might have felt was trapped inside, according to the prosecutors who tried the case.

Anthony Nyakeo

“After the assault, nurses caring for the patient found blood in her underwear. An exam found evidence of vaginal tearing consistent with sexual abuse, and staff recovered DNA during a sexual assault exam that was eventually used to tie Nyakeo to the assault,” the district attorney’s office told Dallas News.

Nyakeo, who worked as a nursing assistant at the Woodridge Health and Rehabilitation Center in Grapevine, is said to have committed the act in January 2018.

During the trial, the court was told that Nyakeo committed the hideous act despite knowing that the woman could not consent to sex or resist his advances because of her mental condition.

In his defence, Nyakeo denied molesting the woman, claiming that someone instead took his DNA from a used condom and planted it on her body.

“I just gave her a shower and took her to the dining area,” he said.

His colleague who testified against him said that after she saw the condition the woman was, she immediately suspected a sexual assault.

Prosecutors also wrote in court documents that Nyakeo had also sexually harassed his coworkers and that he attempted to leave Texas during the investigation.

Nyakeo was convicted of two counts of aggravated sexual assault of an elderly or disabled person.

According to the Tarrant County District Attorney’s office, all the men working at the institution were asked to give their DNA samples.

Nyakeo’s is the only sample that matched the one recovered from the elderly woman.