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Itumbi bashed for NHIF ‘dependent’ cover offer to teenage cancer warrior

Digital strategist and blogger Dennis Itumbi, on Wednesday night found himself on the receiving end of online fury after he volunteered to help a guest on the Jeff Koinange Live show.

Itumbi had volunteered to add teenage cancer warrior, Bianca Wambui, as a ‘dependent’ on his State House NHIF card.

He then took to Twitter to ask NHIF if it was possible.

“Dear @nhifkenya, Let us help Bianca Wambui get treated. I am offering my @StateHouseKenya maintained NHIF cover. Allow me to add Bianca as my dependant tomorrow morning and we can have this young girl treated. Fair enough, NHIF #UHC #JKLive,” Itumbi tweeted.

But what he got instead was a serious tongue lashing from netizens, many of whom questioned his real intentions in making an almost impossible offer.

“You know the law and regulations that govern @nhifkenya on dependants, why do you want to corrupt nhif management to bend it for your PR stunts? Do official adoption then present documents for inclusion,” tweeted @Odanga23.

“Why is there a state house maintained NHIF? how many pple work at that statehouse? We demand #NHIFequalitynow. Is NHIF worth anything or we r all clinging to worthless piece of paper? Will itumbi extend his cover to all other Kenyan’s. need lasting solutions @ntakenya,” commented @ireneotieno_ke.

“This is ignorant and attention seeking, there is no way you can add her as your dependant. You too know it is not possible but goes ahead to tweet it for likes and retweets. Just contribute to her paybill number,” @byron_jez commented.

“Is that not tantamount to abuse of office? Trying to intimidate @nhifkenya with @StateHouseKenya Credentials. You earn a salary just help with the much you can. Achana Na PR at the expense of someone’s life,” @edwardmujuka posted.

“We know there are so many cases in the country. But saa ju hii iko in the limelight you want to appear holy and helpful… This is just bragging. Just contribute and ask your government to do something about cancer, not just fake promises,” @de_kaune tweeted.

“Legally impossible, and u know this fact… so stop your PR stunts here, this not the letters game’, this a life at stake bro,” said @miriti_evans.