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DP Ruto claims Raila won in Kibra because of militia

Deputy President William Ruto now claims that ODM emerged victorious in Kibra by-election that took place on November 7, 2019 because of an organised militia and violence sponsored by the Raila Odinga-led party.

The Deputy President was responding to a Saturday headline in the Star that claimed that Mr Odinga has planted spies in Dr Ruto’s Kibra campaign team.

The DP posted a picture of the daily on his Twitter page, refuting the contents of the publication and, without providing any evidence, claimed that the only strategy employed by ODM was “violence, chaos, and terror”.

“The ONLY strategy and structure Tinga’s party had which largely succeeded was, violence, chaos, mayhem & terror meted out by organized baba’s militia the same instruments used by terrorist organizations including outlawed groups. How sad they have nothing from handshake!” Ruto Tweeted.

His tweet follows an earlier tweet he sent out congratulating ODM’s Imran Okoth for the Kibra win but he was not short of pointing out his team had garnered substantial votes in an area perceived to be Mr Odinga’s stronghold.