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Dress decently to avoid being assaulted, Catholic priest tells Kenyan women

A catholic priest has advised Kenyan women to always dress decently.

Fr Timothy Thumbi of the Ol Kalou parish said some of the reported indecent assaults against women could have been because of their scanty dressing.

Fr Thumbi also castigated the strong desire for quick riches among Kenyan people saying it is the reason corruption is rife in the country.

He said people in Kenya seem to have insatiable want for riches and want to get rich at all means, thus propagating corruption.


He urged the youth to moderate their lifestyles because this generation is the future of the nation.

He told the young people not to live in desperation that could lead them to messing up their lives.

“Don’t live in desperation because patience pays. Desperation will lead you to taking drugs or joining wayward groups like Illuminati or even committing suicide,” the priest said.

Fr Thumbi warned that the generation that riches that come fast don’t last long.


He was speaking at the Ol Kalou Catholic Church during the graduation of 92 boys who underwent the rite of passage and 50 girls who benefited from alternative rite of passage.

The clergyman told the boys and girls that going through the rite of passage was not a reason to start disobeying their parents.

He, however, said it is part of Christian life for parents to take care of their children.

“Responsible parenting is part of Christian life people who confess Christianity, the Priest said.

The Ol Kalou parish chairman Mr John Maina said the boys and girls came from different denominations and not just Catholics.