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Drama as woman turns into ‘Lucifer’ after accepting necklace gift – PHOTOS

A 24-year-old woman paralyzed business in Ol Kalou town on Thursday for over six hours after appearing to be possessed.

She is said to have gone missing from her business premise in Kasuku town on Wednesday afternoon, only to be traced to Ol Kalou town Thursday morning.

The yet to be identified woman could not stand on her feet and kept wriggling on the ground and mumbling incoherent words while identifying herself as ‘Madam Lucifer Levanoda’.

Eyewitnesses told journalists that she started the peculiar behavior after receiving a necklace gift and a soda from a friend at Kasuku market, about 10 kilometers from Ol Kalou town.


At one time during the drama, the woman said she was hungry and needed some food, but then threw them away saying her friend had instructed her not to eat because a feast awaits her in Indian Ocean.

“She has told me not to eat your food. She is coming for me. We are going for a feast in the Indian Ocean. My friend will also give me a green soda like the one she gave me yesterday,” she screamed.


The young woman threatened to bite anyone who got close to her.

It took the effort of six men to subdue her and snatch the necklace.

“We thought that the demons were in the necklace as she appeared to consult with it as she mumbled. But she was very powerful, biting one of the two men who had attempted to wrestle the necklace from her,” said Mr Jack Mwangi.


Efforts to burn the necklace were fruitless, forcing the crowd to reach out to preachers in the town.

Shockingly, none of the invited preachers showed up, while others switched off their phones on getting the explanations on the condition of the woman.

“Some of the priests requested an explanation about the condition of the lady, promised to come but switched off their phones,” explained Mr Mwangi.

One of the preachers said; “it depends on the type of anointing oil one has. Mine is not meant for such demons. I don’t want any trouble,” he said as he walked away.

Few minutes past 1pm, a woman who said she does not believe in demons ended the drama when she volunteered to burn the necklace.

Surprisingly, the young woman stood on her feet as soon as the necklace caught fire.

She also recognized her relatives who took her away from the curious crowd.