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Drama as MP is caught on camera in a fist fight with rival – VIDEO

There was drama at a funeral in Mount Elgon after area MP Fred Kapondi was caught up in chaotic scenes after his supporters clashed with those of his rival.

Mr Kapondi’s supporters are said to have been irked by politician Masuti Chemasut, who was taking pictures as the MP addressed the gathering.

A verbal war of words degenerated into a fist fight, as Kapondi accused the politician of taking his pictures without his consent. The confrontation led to an exchange of blows.

The funeral was cut short and the coffin taken away by the family members of the deceased to bury him.

In a video clip of the ugly incident, the MP can be seen walking to the man and punching him as a woman screams urging him to stop.

Mr Chemasuet condemned the incident, terming it as disrespectful to the deceased.

He vowed to take legal action against the lawmaker.

This was part of a series of public fights between supporters of the two politicians in funerals.

In 2016, there was a similar incident during the burial service of Mzee Patrick Ngaina in Cheptais town pitting the two arch rivals.