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Drama as bishops fight over property

An unholy row has rocked one of Nairobi’s most popular churches.

A bishop of the Redeemed Gospel Church has started a war of words with its founder, accusing him of nepotism by making his wife and son directors of the organisation.

Bishop Morris Mwarandu, head of the Lord’s Gathering Centre — an affiliate of the Redeemed Church — has claimed that founder Dr Arthur Kitonga has registered a similar church, called Redeemed Gospel Church Inc., to run the original church’s business affairs.

And he made his wife and son directors of the new company to run the original church’s affairs, he claimed.

“The directors of Redeemed Gospel Church Inc have since purported to affiliate the same with the original Redeemed Gospel Church, without consent of church members or the Registrar of Societies,” alleged Bishop Mwarandu.

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