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Dr Mutunga defends Governor Awiti from fashion cop, Grand Mullah

Former Chief Justice Dr Willy Mutunga has come to the defence of Homabay Governor Cyprian Awiti who was put on the spotlight on social media over his perceived poor sense of style.

It all started after lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi shared a side by side picture of the Governor and Mombasa governor Hassan Joho comparing their dress codes.

In the picture, Mr Joho is seen wearing a pair of jeans, a brown shirt and a white jacket on top. He also has designer sneakers from international designer, Louis Vuitton.

For his part, Mr Awiti wears a grey suit trouser with a sweater and a material jacket. He is also in black and white sport shoes.

“Finesse of a governor is an integral part of devolution…Gov Awiti of Homabay can’t give hope or inspire confidence in his attire…and I don’t think anyone can help him…@WehliyeMohamed @DonaldBKipkorir,” tweeted Ahmednasir Abdullahi.

This prompted a reaction from the former CJ who lectured Ahmednasir on the finer characters of the Homabay Governor that makes him an outstanding leader.

“Governor Awiti is polite and humble. He’s a man of the people,” said Dr Willy Mutunga.

Kenyans on Twitter also joined in the conversation with some blasting lawyer Ahmednasir for his callousness while others agreed with him.

“Such a nonsensical tweet about a person’s fashion choices. The people of HomaBay did not elect him for his clothes; neither does the trendier 001 Governor deliver better results on account of his attire. This is childish & unmerited attack,” said WaiJK.

“This is like saying Usain Bolt would win his races because he is handsome. Some things are totally unrelated