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DP ‘unashamed’ of church harambees as preachers now avoid politicians’ money

Deputy President William Ruto on Wednesday came out guns blazing to mounting concerns about the money he has been donating in Church harambees.

In a fiery tweet on Wednesday, Dr Ruto said he intends to fulfill his commitments as a Christian in helping fund church activities.

“Since Sunday school we learned to kneel before and worship GOD that’s the ONLY reason we stand before men. We will continue to worship JEHOVAH with our hearts and substance. We are unashamed of our God & unapologetic of our faith. We are Christians first other title after,” the DP tweeted.

Dr Ruto has been among politicians criticised for hefty donations to churches.

ODM leader Raila Odinga last Saturday condemned politicians who donate heavily in fundraisers using money whose source cannot be explained.


He faulted the church for accepting contributions whose source can not be accounted for.

ACK Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit has urged churches to conduct an internal review of morals and examine the people “we invite in the church and consider them Chief Guest.”

Mr Sapit also urged people to contribute to churches in silence, rather than creating hype about it.

Kenyans on Twitter have varied viewpoints.

“Give with a clean heart, quietly, no need to shout about it. Greatest deeds are done anonymously, no need to stand on the pulpit with a microphone accompanied by an army of idlers to tithe. Jesus was humble and we should emulate his ways,” @Robskett said.

SammyNd also observed that “The church being politicised. We are living in interesting times.”