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Donkey meat is safe, says Kiambu official

Residents of Kiambu County have been assured that donkey meat is safe for consumption only if it was inspected by the respective bodies before and after slaughter of the animal.

A public health officer at Kiambu District Hospital, Mr. John Munyui, told KNA in his office on Friday that meat from a donkey was the same as that of a cow, goat or sheep as they all were herbivorous.

He added that there were several myths surrounding the animal but in reality it was very safe for consumption.

Mr. Munyui cautioned that although donkey meat does not cause any harm, all meat products should according to the law undergo inspection before being offered to the public for consumption. He said that the practice is still not acceptable in Kiambu County hence donkey meat is termed illegal.

He explained that the reason they shut down butcheries and slaughter houses that distributed donkey meat was because the meat was not inspected.

He added that some butchers had slaughtered donkeys and purported that it was meat from either a cow or goat with a motive to lie to the consumers.


The officer further clarified that it was wrong for anyone to slaughter a sick animal as it could be infected with anthrax which was contagious and harmful to human beings.

He said that it was sad when a patron went to a hotel and ordered to be served with beef only to be given donkey meat which he ate unknowingly.

The officer made these remarks amid media reports that the County Government of Nakuru had legalized the sale of donkey meat and investors were in the process of constructing abattoirs that will sell it.

He told butchers in Kiambu to be specific to their consumers and label their meat appropriately so that one was sold whatever meat they required as they were paying for the meat anyway.

He also stated that it will take time for the public to start eating donkey meat knowing very well that indeed it was donkey because of the African setting that views the animal only as a beast of burden.