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Do bhang smokers enjoy sex more? New study has answers

A controversial new study suggests that those who smoke weed have better sex lives than those who have never smoked.

This was found to be especially true for men. Males who smoke cannabis were found to have better and more frequent sex.

For the study which was commissioned by Skyn condoms in the US, researchers conducted a comprehensive survey of 5,117 individuals all aged between 18 and 34.


The study findings consistently showed that cannabis does improve sex life. Up to 14 percent of the study subjects who admitted to smoking weed every day reported that they have sex several times a day.

On the flip side, of those who do not smoke week, only 5 percent reported having sex several times a day.

The weed smokers were also found to be luckier in regard to bedroom matters seeing as they reported having had more sexual partners than the non-weed smokers.

A whopping 37 percent of the weed smokers reported having had more than 15 sexual partners.

This is compared to only 14 percent of those who have never smoked weed. Unfortunately or unfortunately, weed also apparently lessens one’s sexual inhibitions seeing as up to 80 percent the smokers admitted to having had a one night stand.


They were also more likely to have lost their virginity earlier. Apparently cannabis does have some Viagra like effects.

The study also showed that cannabis could be the very thing that kills your sex life. The researchers found that high levels of it causes erectile dysfunction the same effect that is caused by high levels of alcohol.

Interestingly, male weed smokers, even those who over indulge appear very confident of their sexual abilities. 59 percent of the weed smokers rated their sexual performance as ‘amazing’.

The study of course analyzed the users’ performance from their own reports. It is unclear whether their sexual partners would rate them the same.

Weed smoking is also a risky practice seeing as only 44 percent of those who smoke daily reported using condoms during sex. This is in comparison to 48 percent of those who do not smoke.