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DJ Mo apologises to single mums after rant on Njoki Chege

Popular disc jockey Sammy Muraya, commonly known as DJ Mo, has apologized to single mums after going ham on Nation journalist Njoki Chege in an Instagram post.

DJ Mo had referred to Njoki Chege as an “enemy of progress” after she dismissed his views on marriage in her weekly Saturday Nation City Girl column.

It all started last week after Dj Mo and his wife, gospel singer Size 8 appeared on an online magazine where he revealed how he took his wife — then girlfriend — through a series of tests to determine her loyalty before eventually saying “I do”.

The tests included performing house chores and pretending he was living in a “poor neighbourhood”.

Ms Njoki Chege, in her column, faulted DJ Mo as being backward and urged him to apologise to his wife for subjecting her to tests just to prove that she was a ‘worthy’ companion.

However, a furious DJ Mo did not take the advice kindly and posted a fiery comment on Instagram telling Njoki Chege to seek relevance elsewhere and that he will pray for her to get married.

DJ Mo’s Instagram post was not received well by women who castigated him for being disrespectful to single women.

Days later, on Tuesday morning, DJ Mo posted a series of tweets to beg for forgiveness from single women and declared he shouldn’t have let the article get the better part of him.

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Vipi Watu Wangu – …So about the Article… The Bible warns us in Psalm 37:8 to refrain from anger as it leads to evil….While I know I have every right to stand up for myself and the integrity of my family, I erred and I made an unfortunate comment about Njoki being a single mum. While my fury was directed to her, I ended up hurting a lot of single mums out there including my MOTHER and it’s with deep humility that I take this opportunity to apologize to you all and more specifically to Njoki Chege I know first hand what a single mom goes through. I didn't mean to belittle single mothers and I am so sorry that my words hurt many of you. It wasn't my intention to sound so disrespectful. —— I keep telling people I don't have fans but supporters, Y'all held my hand, stood with me, even fought Miss Chege on my behalf. I am greatly dismayed by the actions cause it was out of love you but you did it to cover me. As a public figure, I need to lead by example and I should depict willingness to show weakness made strong in Christ Jesus our saviour by gracefully highlighting it. I take full responsibility of the comment and I hope that Njoki Chege and all of you will accept my sincere apology. As a Christian, I try to be the best example everyday, at times I succeed, at times i dont. For anyone I may have offended, I apologize. Wishing YOU all a blessed day! Sincerely DJ MO

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