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Disturbing video of blood ritual during road construction surfaces online

A disturbing video of employees of a roads construction company in Kenya slaughtering two goats in an apparent ritualistic ceremony has surfaced on social media.

The video shows four employees struggling to slit the throat of a white goat as others, including who are assumed to be managers, look on –and record on their cell phones.

One of the men is unable to master the courage to slit the throat and hands the machete to another.

Once the throat is cut and blood gushes out, two of the employees immediately run the length of a road spilling blood by the roadside.


A man is heard giving instructions to the two to spill the blood “nje ya barabara (by the roadside)”.
A man zooms in while recording.

On the other side, two men are also seen running the length carrying a black goat for similar ritual.

Meanwhile, an earthmover and a lorry sit on the road which is under construction.

The man recording the incident is heard complaining in Swahili and in Kenyan accent: “Hii ni uchawi bwana (man, this is witchcraft).”

It is not known where the video was recorded. Nairobi News has reached out to Kenya National Highways Authority for a comment.